The New York Times: Ghost Brothers review

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“Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” (Hear Music/Concord)

Another grown-up rocker has headed into musical theater: John Mellencamp. “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County,” which had a theatrical production last year in Atlanta, is a grim Southern Gothic tale of tragedy recurring through generations. It has brothers who hate each other, girls they both want, booze, guns and old secrets, with its violence spurred by the Devil and observed by ghosts.

In the 1990s Mr. Mellencamp enlisted the author Stephen King to collaborate on a stage piece about a cabin haunted by murder. Eventually they brought in T Bone Burnett, the master of spooky, rootsy ambience who has produced Mr. Mellencamp’s albums since 2008, as well as Grammy-winning albums like “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and the Robert Plant-Alison Krauss collaboration “Raising Sand.”

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