The Nashville Scene Says Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Excels On Stage

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Fright Night: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Excels On Stage

POSTED BY  ON THU, OCT 17, 2013 AT 12:30 PM

It wasn’t exactly a dark and stormy night, but a chilly, rainy afternoon put me in just the right mood forGhost Brothers of Darkland County, the musical thriller dreamed up by Stephen King and John Mellencamp and brought to life by music producer T Bone Burnett and director Susan Booth. From listening to the all-star album Burnett recorded of the piece, and my email correspondence with Ms. Booth for a preview in last week’s Scene, I concluded that one CD just wasn’t long enough. Though the album gets an A+ for the recording and the performances, it barely scrapes a D in telling the story; it took me three careful listens to get even a shaky grasp of the ending.

At close to two and a half hours, the stage production of Ghost Brothers is a vast improvement, giving cast and crew room to stretch out and set us straight. Without giving anything away, crucial plot points that were outlined in a rush on the album are revealed plainly on the stage, and in a much more comprehensible order….

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