The Indy Star says John Mellencamp-Stephen King collaboration packs an emotional wallop

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John Mellencamp-Stephen King collaboration packs an emotional wallop

‘Ghost Brothers of Darkland County’ tour will visit Clowes Hall

Written by David Lindquist
Eric Moore (from left), Kate Ferber, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Albrink and Travis Smith perform the song ‘What Kind of Man Am I’ during a ‘Ghost Brothers of Darkland County’ rehearsal in Bloomington. / Matt Kryger / The Star

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — John Mellencamp and Stephen King say “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” isn’t ready for Broadway, but their theatrical production can’t get much better than the version that debuted Thursday at IU Auditorium.

When the “Ghost Brothers” tour visits Clowes Hall on Oct. 18, attendees will experience a show that resembles an old-school radio play. Conventional acting and choreography are parts of the package, but only as accents — an approach that fits Mellencamp’s description of “Ghost Brothers” as a “play with music” rather than a musical.

The Hoosier rock star hasn’t wavered in that description through 13 years of collaboration with best-selling author King. Yet the first staging of “Ghost Brothers,” a production in Atlanta in 2012, featured visible spurts of “blood” and leaps from a stage-prop cliff. Too close to the processed and packaged Great White Way for Mellencamp’s tastes.

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